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Craig MacDonald, CEO
REALTOR® – Mac Homes Inc.

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Partners will receive 35% of any gross revenue (approx. 50% of net profit) received through your referral. No earning caps. Leads only expire after one year! Referral fee only paid when/if a home is purchased or sold through the recommended agent & after REALTOR® referral commission paid to RealAgents.ca. If a client both buys and sells a house, you will earn a referral on both transactions – including any additional transactions within a two year period (i.e. an investor purchased 5 properties – you earn 5 finder fees @ 35%).

Referral Auditing

Once a year we hire an independent auditor to verify the leads you sent, that you were eligible to receive a commission for, were fully paid. Integrity is our business, so rest assured we will always ensure you are paid for your successful leads. If the auditor finds any commissions we didn’t pay, then we will give you 100% of the net profit from that particular transaction.

Example Scenario 1, Based on 3% Commission:

Purchase Price: $250,000

Gross Amount Paid to RealAgents.ca: $1,875 – (your earnings: $656.25 = 35%)

10 Referrals – $6562.50 | 100 Referrals – $65,625 | 1000 Referrals – $656,250

Example Scenario 2, Based on 2.5% Commission:

Purchase Price: $500,000

Gross Amount Paid to RealAgents.ca: $3,125 – (your earnings: $1093.75 = 35%)

10 Referrals – $10,937.50 | 100 Referrals – $109,375 | 1000 Referrals – $1,093,750

Our ideal partners have lists, access, tribes or online influence with individuals on the journey of buying or selling real estate within the United States or Canada. Mortgage Brokerages (Brokers), Real Estate Blogs, Financial Advisers/Planners, Wedding Planners, Lawyers, Funeral Planners or Employment Recruiters would be a great fit, but anyone can participate.

Non-profit agency of every kind, have an opportunity to add income to their bottom line, as we will send charitable donation equal to 35% to help you increase your reach and help more people! Change the lives of those you support, but advertising our program to those who donate to your agency. They can donate through you simply by using our free services. WIN (for us) – WIN (for you) – WIN (for the buyer/seller)!

This is also a great opportunity to add personal passive income for your family and to diversify your company’s revenue stream. We will work with you on messaging if you need custom advertising!

Tens of thousands of buyers/sellers each year use agent referral companies to find their REALTOR®. Many of these companies do not vet an agent before recommending them and simply sell their name to the highest bidding agent, and as a result, buyers and sellers do not come first.

I’ve created three programs to address this. All three offer a path for buyers and sellers to avoid hiring a poor agent. All three are completely free – the REALTOR® pays us a referral commission, and we pass on 35% of that to you as a finder’s fee.

Add thousands to your income, business revenue or non-profit budget by funneling future buyers and sellers to us. They’ll be treated like gold!

We do offer a free Do-It-Yourself plan that teaches clients how to find a REALTOR® themselves, but there is no revenue from this plan. The two plans that you can earn a commission on are below. The DIY plan takes 7 to 15 hours for the client to complete and most people opt to choose plan 2 & 3 at some point during the course – it’s simpler and quicker for them. We suggest they switch to one of the plans below throughout the course, but some people will always opt to do it themselves. Since we strive to put value before profit, we feel it is important to offer this route.

  • choose your plan

  • REALTOR® Sourced By:All our packages ensure you avoid the worst referral agencies (there are many) that only sell leads to the highest bidding agent with no regard to what REALTOR® you are actually referred to.REALTOR® Sourced By:
  • REALTOR® Found In:Refers to how quickly you can become connected to a great, local an high integrity REALTOR®REALTOR® Found In:
  • Countries Designed For:Countries Designed For:
  • For Homes Valued:For Homes Valued:
  • "Finding Your REALTOR®" CourseCraig will provide you with his step by step course that reveals the secrets to finding top real estate agents."Finding Your REALTOR®" Course
  • REALTOR® Performance CheckA detailed analysis completed to insure you have a top performing local agent!REALTOR® Performance Check
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:The check can include a search & review of any negative reports, articles or reviews. Find the red flags so you don't make a bad hire. It takes time, but we want you to hire the best.REALTOR® Integrity Check:
  • REALTOR® Interview:Avoiding this step is the best way to have a terrible REALTOR® experience!REALTOR® Interview:
  • Pro Referral Service

  • FREE

    "Our Most Popular & Proven Plan!"

  • REALTOR® Sourced By:Most referral agencies simply sell your name to the highest bidder, but our service ensures you only connect with agencies that handpick high performing and reputable REALTORS®.Leading Referral Agency
  • REALTOR® Found In:Our referral agencies hand pick your REALTOR® from a network of pre-qualified and high performing REALTORS® - quick and simple.1 - 2 Hours (Often in Minutes)
  • Countries Designed For:For any homes being bought or sold anywhere in the United States or Canada.United States & Canada
  • For Homes Valued:$100,000+
  • "Finding Your REALTOR®" CourseExperts Already!
  • REALTOR® Performance CheckThe referral agencies we use have spent millions figuring out how to ensure you are matched with a high performing REALTOR®Part of Their Process
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:While Craig does a more in-depth analysis, the referral agencies we work with carefully review their recommendations and know how to avoid agents that are not reputable.Part of Their Process
  • REALTOR® Interview:REALTORS® are carefully vetted by the referral agency before being added to their trusted network.Part of Their Process
  • Craig Finds Your REALTOR®

  • FREE

    "When You Need to Be 100% Sure!"

  • REALTOR® Sourced By:Craig puts over 15 years of real estate experience to work for you.Craig MacDonald, CEO
  • REALTOR® Found In:Background work is completed at our office, but travel and scheduling interviews results in longer delivery time, but worth the wait!1 - 2 Business Days
  • Countries Designed For:For any homes being bought or sold anywhere in the United States or Canada.United States & Canada
  • For Homes Valued:$500,000+
  • "Finding Your REALTOR®" CourseCraig Created the Course!
  • REALTOR® Performance CheckCraig personally reviews performance statisticsCraig Completes This
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:Craig completes an online investigation and client interviews to ensure your REALTOR® is of high integrity.Craig Completes This
  • REALTOR® Interview:This is the best way to talk with a potential agent, as you can get a very good read on their personality and their integrity. It's the safest route.Craig Completes This
We have a website that is lead generation focused. We have 24-7 live chat agents, professional promo videos, swipe copy, banners & memes to help you promote our free plans. You will receive a custom affiliate link that you’ll use to send people to our site. It also carefully tracks who you send our way. The leads are tracked through the most professional affiliate program online, InfusionSoft, so you can rest assured this is tracked professionally.

Integrity is the most sought after quality in a REALTOR®. The importance of hiring a real estate professional who does what is right, even when it does not benefit them, cannot be overstated.

When I first became a REALTOR®, in 2010, I remember being taken aback at how many stories of terrible agents I was hearing. From lying, to not communicating, to doing and saying anything to close a deal – homeowners came second (and sometimes third) simply because they hired the wrong REALTOR®.

Thinking the grass was greener on the other side, I began working as a Residential Assessor for the government. All was well until one email changed my life, forever. It stated that renovations would be added to thousands of properties, causing spikes in their taxes, all without confirming the renovations even existed. I think we all have a defining moment in our lives where we must decide who we are for and who we are against. This was my moment. 

In protest, I quit my position and published an article, “Quitting For Character. It Was Just Time.”, that was featured by CBC News and on the radio. Though this time was difficult, it revealed my passion for serving current and future homeowners, just like you, with integrity – and out of this time RealAgents.ca was born

Each of our three services offer a path to connect with a high integrity, professional and local REALTOR®. Each service is completely FREE and available anywhere in the United States and Canada. 

Today, your friends, family & clients come first.

Best local REALTORS® Canada & USA. Top local REALTORS® Canada, USA